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Welcome! Negotiating a fee for services shouldn't feel like a showdown.

You're a busy producer with a project, a budget and a deadline.

Maybe you feel like you're trying to herd cats while juggling a shifting list of client variables. 

You need an experienced, reliably-responsive, competitively-priced, voice talent who you can count on. That's me. 

So below are 12 Frequently Asked Questions about my services and prices. 

I hope my answers are useful to you and your team as we aim for your target.


  • I'm interested - how much do you charge? Can I receive a no-obligation sample and quote?
    Yes! Samples are always free! Because media projects come in a variety of sizes and intended uses, my GVAA-based prices are customized to reflect your budget and current voice industry rates. Prices begin with a Basic Studio Fee $255 USD (2024). My fee rises according to the number of words in your script and voice usage licensing (when applicable). *Canadian client discounts. Subject to terms and conditions. Whatever your project's unique features, I promise to provide you with friendly, collaborative, expeditious service for a fair, industry-competitive price, within your project's budget range. Ready for a quote and a free, voiced sample of your script, or need more information? Click CONTACT here.
  • How many revisions are included ?
    Standard: Easy and speedy correction of any mispronounced words. Script Revisions: To encourage only 'Final' scripts, One script revision and two re-takes (representing less than 10% of the voiced script), *within 48 hours of WAV file delivery* are included at no additional charge. Subsequent edits of this nature will cost $55 for each new re-voicing . To encourage only 'Final' scripts, script revisions that require a full re-voicing of a script will be subject to an additional basic studio fee. ($225 USD). For more information you're welcome to contact me.
  • I'm on deadline. How quickly can you voice my project ?
    Real Quick! Client reviews often praise my delivery speed. My home studio is open 9-9 (Eastern) Monday to Friday except for most major Canadian holidays. Same-Day Delivery for edited, lightly compressed, 'drop-in-ready' voice files for scripts of 1-1000 words. Within a couple of hours for shorter scripts. For projects longer than 1000-words, add 24-hours to the delivery time. Ready to get started or want more information? Click CONTACT.
  • How much collaboration and direction can I give you?
    A little or a lot. It's your choice. Provide me with your notes about tone and pace, pronunciations, links to a reference video or music bed track if you have one in-mind, and leave the voicing to me. But if you're more hands-on, I'll make sure your input and suggestions, by phone, text or by email, are always welcome. It's your project and I'm here to help you complete it. Reach out directly to me by clicking here CONTACT.
  • Do you offer directed sessions ?
    Yes! A directed session is a great way to quickly know I'm hitting the target your project's message is aiming-for. Directed Sessions also save you time. You're right there! (Zoom, Phone, Google Meet or studio-to-studio Source Connect (Standard Edition) for the recording. Once you're signed-up and onboard, Directed Sessions are fun, welcome and the first half hour is free. Many voice talent charge extra for directed sessions, but they're a complimentary part of my package of services when you choose me to voice your project. I offer half-hour Directed Sessions to you for no additional charge. Just click CONTACT and I'll schedule a directed session with you and your team.
  • How will you deliver my voice files to me ?
    MP3 files are delivered to your email. Larger WAV files are delivered to you via WeTransfer. Notification of their arrival will appear in your email. More information? Click here, CONTACT.
  • What will I receive?
    Fast, friendly, professional, no-hassle service One short phone-friendly 'sample take' (on MP3) emailed to you before my actual recording begins to confirm I'm on the right track (tone, pace, pronunciations). This is an ideal time for you to review, comment and make script changes. Just give me the 'green light' and your notes, and recording begins. One complimentary 1/2-hour Directed Session. One WAV File containing a minimum two voiced takes of your script, 'drop-in ready', plus one easy-share, phone-friendly MP3 for you to share with other members of your creative team. Delivered to you via WeTransfer. Two minor script revisions ( less than 10% of the script) within 48-hours of the WAV file delivery are included in my Standard Price Package, and my Premium Price Package. Easy payment options (PayPal, WISE, Check ) Prompt, friendly communication with Brad Avenyou. Click HERE. All prices cited are USD and should be considered all-inclusive for one client-directed session, one shareable MP3 test sample, voicing and recording two full versions, voice file light editing, voicing script revisions, re-takes, inserts, tags, file splitting, WeTransfer delivery (WAV & MP3 files), usage (voice licensing) fees and taxes where applicable. Lifts/Edits/Versions and in perpetuity usage are extra. Discounts are available for Canadian clients. Conditions apply. Please ask for details.
  • What will you charge to voice this?
    My fee factors-in the elements of 'usage and licensing' you've requested and script-length (number of words). You'll receive two full takes (with slight variations of pace, tone and inflections), lightly edited and delivered in WAV and (phone-friendly, easy-share) MP3 formats. I also include in my fee a *FREE* 1/2 hour *live directed session* (studio-to-studio *Source-Connect*, Zoom, Google Meet and Phone). Six key questions to give you the most accurate quote: How many words or minutes of script will your project require me to voice and edit? Where (geographically) will your project use my voice? On which media platform(s) do you intend to use my voice? How many weeks/months do you intend to use my voice? Will you want licensing to create new commercials from portions of the initial project I voiced? What's your budget range? For more information, please reach out any time.
  • What currencies and payment methods do you accept?
    I accept payment in USD, Euros, GBP, Turkish Lira, CAD, To remit payment using PayPal, use the big blue "Pay" button on the PayPal invoice I'll issue to you. PayPal allows you to pay from your PayPal account balance, or you can use PayPal to charge your payment to your MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover card. I also welcome payments remitted as a bank e-transfer using WISE (formerly known as Transferwise). Remit payment using WISE in your local currency to save bank currency conversion fees. Payment is due within 10-days of WAV file delivery. Balances outstanding after 30-days will be subject to a 10% per month processing fee. More information? Click HERE.
  • Will you require a deposit before recording begins?
    New clients may be required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE upfront deposit of $255 USD (Basic Session Fee 2024) before work begins. I'll make it quick and easy by issuing a PayPal invoice. Once the PayPal invoice for the deposit is paid, I'll get rolling on your project. Need more information about how I can help you complete your project, click CONTACT.
  • Do you offer minor script editing?
    Yes, I do. If you request a little help smoothing-out your script, you might find it useful to know that I'm a former (retired) network TV news journalist (anchor and reporter, U-S and Canada). I'll proofread your script and suggest alternate words or phrases if you'd like. It's an additional paid service ($50 USD per 500-words) that's handy for non-native English speaking clients who are using language apps to translate their scripts into English. For more information about this service, you're welcome to contact me with details of how I may help you.
  • I have more questions
    I have more answers. And if I don't have an immediate answer for your question, I'll research to get the answer for you and get right back to your creative team asap. Just click CONTACT.

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