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avsvoice.com WestJet teal-colored logo with a stylized maple leaf reflecting its HQ in Calgary, Alberta
avsvoice.com Royer Boots shaped like a license plate. Royer founded in1934 and Le Respect du Travail
avsvoice.com World-famous yellow and orange Reese's logo written in cursive
WAZE logo, a little car with a smiling face
avsvoice.com Yamaha Conquer snow. Yamaha logo  black and white
Multi-striped globe, yellow, gold, orange and red set on a solid blue background with the words, Comfort Inn
avsvoice.com Pinty's Foods. Pinty's black and gold logo
PetSmart Red and blue logo
TimberMart Timber Mart red blue and white logo shaped like the roofs of houses.
Logo. Stylized waves and the words Campbell River
A shield-shaped logo for the Sacramento Republic Football (Soccer) Club
avsvoice.com sillouette of the famous Apple logo
NFL logo, shaped like a shield in red, white and blue avsvoice.com
Budweiser, the King Of Beers avsvoice.com
Nutrience logo and SubZero
Travel to Greece, logo for Greece Tourism, avsvoice.com
Toronto Maple Leafs old-style logo, in blue and white. The maple leaf logo reflects the team is based in Toronto Canada


Brad is fantastic to work with. We find his reads compelling, dramatic and sophisticated. Highly recommend!

~ Robert Pierce, Lightstream Associates