Does this delicious salad have anything in common with voice-overs?
It does.
You'll know it's good the moment you taste it, 
in the same way you'll recognize the voice for your project the moment you hear it. 
I also posted this picture because it's bright and evocative. Just like the best voice-overs. 
So let's dig in.
Welcome to
Avenyou Voice Services.
I'm Brad Avenyou. Thanks for taking a minute to
give a look 'n' listen to my new website. 
I hope you'll hear something that appeals to your ears as much as our salad appeals right now to our appetites.
And if you do hear something that appeals to you,
I'd really appreciate you keeping me in-mind
for your next project.
In the meantime --Bon Appétit!
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Directed Sessions Are Available via Source-Connect, Phone Patch, Bodalgo Call. 



Avenyou Voice Services


Fast, Accurate, Reliable. 

Professional Voice For Your Project.

On-Time, On-Budget

I'm Brad Avenyou, an award-winning full-time, professional, non-union, voice-over artist. 

Let me give your project some gritty authenticity ... or cheerful whimsy...

..and anything in-between.

Commercial & Public, Radio & TV,

B2B , Boardroom Presentations,

Interactive Voice Response (IVR),  Internet , E-Learning , Documentary,

general Story Narration .


I love doing what I do and I believe

you will too. 

Fees based according to rates suggested by GVAA Rate Guide

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