New, prospective clients may be required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE upfront deposit of 50% of the project’s total before work begins on (i) additional samples requested following the initial MP3 audition sample, or (ii) work begins on the full project.

I’ll make the process quick and easy by issuing a PayPal Invoice (for 50% of the project’s total) and once I receive payment, I’ll get rolling on either more samples (see * below) or the full project.

Phone calls (416) 801-5099 and emails (brad@avsvoice.com) with questions, comments & project directions are always welcome. ( I welcome your communication and collaboration! )



Projects 500-words or less are typically delivered the same-day, and always within 24-hours. Sooner for shorter scripts. 

For each additional 500-words please add 24-hours.



I will provide a quote before we begin based on rates suggested by the professional non-union  “GVAA Rate Guide”. (see ** below)

Variables affecting price will include, but not limited to, the project’s number of words, media platform usage, duration of use, etc.  (see **)


Script Revisions:

Script will be read in accordance with the tone, pace, description or character provided by the client’s written or phoned-in direction. Up to 2 (two) minor script revisions will be included in my quoted fee.


Tone/Direction Redirection 

(ie. client asked for a conversational read, but artistic direction has changed and now requires a gritty read)  One complete re-read of the full script (up to 150-words) will be included in my quoted fee. 

Did I mention --I’m very collaborative and responsive, and I welcome phone calls and emails from clients to help guide their project to the ‘sound’ they’re aiming-for.



All finished files of raw voice, lightly edited, breaths removed, will be delivered to the client in WAV format (unless specified otherwise) following full and complete payment of the invoiced total amount and time-frame specified in the original invoice. Large WAV files (and smaller MP3s) will be delivered via email or WeTransfer, so remember to please include your email address.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

If a recording can not be completed to the client’s 100% satisfaction for whatever reason, then no further payment (beyond the non-refundable deposit already paid) will be required. That’s my guarantee.


Drop me an email if you have questions or comments and I’ll look forward to working with you soon. 



---Brad Avenyou / Avenyou Voice Services



 (*) Maximum 2 (20-sec) -samples. Additional samples subject to a $25/per sample fee)  

(**) https://globalvoiceacademy.com/gvaa-rate-guide-2/